Monday, August 29, 2016


General update: Super hard to believe this is my last week in the 20s! It feels like just yesterday I was 20 weeks and had a million more weeks to go. This week is my birthday so I am eating some good food! Lol.

How far along?: 29 weeks.

Total weight gain: 22 lbs. I didn't gain much weight this week but I feel even larger every week!

How I'm feeling: Tired. So tired. Also, excited that it's my birthday! Can't believe I'll be 23 and Steven will be 25 next month.

How I'm changing: So I have been having a belly for a while now, but wow, my belly is sticking straight out! My big tshirts that I normally sleep in are form fitting now.

What I'm eating: I eat healthy about 75% of the day. The other 25% percent is me eating whatever I want. Just in moderation.

Movement: Last week Evelyn was kicking a lot on my left hand side, I thought it would be fun to barely press in and feel her kick even harder, I felt an arm or a leg, (I know she's head down but I have a little gymnastics baby apparently), ROLL over my hand. It startled me because I had just been feeling kicks. The roll of a little arm or leg was crazy! 

Cravings: Lemonade. I want sour again! 

Missing anything?: I miss her. I want to hold her, kiss her and watch her grow so badly. I've never met her but I feel like I miss her already.  

Favorite moment: Driving to Pine, Idaho. It was beautiful and I loved all the trees and rivers.

Looking forward to: A four day weekend this week! Ready to have Steven off for a few days. 

Monday, August 22, 2016


General update: Celebrated my birthday in Boise this weekend and saw Evelyn in 3D/4D. It was the coolest experiance. I think she looks a lot like Steven but Steven thinks she looks a lot like me, lol. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. This coming weekend we plan to go camping. With the smoke from the fires and Steven's job, we decided to wait a week to camp.

How far along?: 28 weeks.

Total weight gain: 21 lbs. It's really weird to get on the scale and see such a high number. I have never weighed more than about 118 lbs my whole life and for it to get into the 130s is scary, but I know I'm going at a healthy rate and people still consider me 'small' for my size.

How I'm feeling: The tiredness and exhaustion hasn't changed. I've been having hot flashes at night, as well as acid reflux and having to pee every hour or two. Makes for an interesting night. I feel bad for waking Steven up when I know he has work the next day.

How I'm changing: I think now that I'm in the third trimester, I know that she'll be here so soon. Seeing her in 3D made it a lot more real to me too. Can't believe in less than three months or so I'll have my very own little human.

What I'm eating: This was a bad week healthy wise. I got chocolate donuts for the weekend as well as just junking around in between meals. Some healthy and some not so healthy. Hopefully this week I can change that!

Movement: She's gets hiccups at least once a day and is a little kicker like always. She was so calm when we went and got a 3D ultrasound and looked so sleepy and relaxed. 

Cravings: Give me all da chocolate. Also, lemonade always sounds like a good idea.

Missing anything?: I tried on a dress at Rue 21 this week because I thought it was a nice maxi to take some maternity photos in. I got a size medium because I'm usually a small. I couldn't get it past these giant boobs! It was so tight and all though I loooove this belly, it's hard to have your body change so much. Pregnancy is weird. 

Favorite moment: Seeing our sweet girl in 3D. :)

Looking forward to: Our camping trip this weekend. I will at least make sure to take some maternity photos!

Monday, August 15, 2016


General update: This week I feel completely drained. I could sleep for nine hours a night and still need a nap during the day. (Which I have been taking those naps)

How far along?: 27 weeks 

Total weight gain: 19 lbs.

How I'm feeling: Like I said before. SOOOO tired!

How I'm changing: I know that it's not too much longer until she'll be here and I've been more interested in documenting my pregnancy. Which means a lot of pictures!

What I'm eating: Since I've been so tired lately I haven't been cooking that much. Which means a quick sandwich or something else that's super easy is the way to go.

Movement: Lots of kicks and hiccups. She was head down at my last ultrasound which where her head and arms are is where I normally feel the most movement. Every now and then I'll get a strong kick and it startles me. 

Cravings: I've been wanting Jack In The Box all week. No, I haven't caved. Yet. 

Missing anything?: I miss the short bursts of energy that I had a few weeks ago. I want to do a lot of things around the house and have a few more nursery projects I want to do. Hoping my energy kicks back up soon. 

Favorite moment: Probably taking some photos with Steven. I know a lot of husbands dread taking pictures but he knows how much I love to look back on them and that's why we definitely have a fair share of photos together. I plan to keep just as many when Evie gets here.

Looking forward to: Our camping trip! We leave this Friday. I've already started making a list of things I need to pick up at the store and what all to pack. I'm also getting a few ideas of other camping areas since it looks like the fires are still going pretty strong. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016


1. How and when did you find out you were pregnant? I wanted to test early because I was so ready to be pregnant again, that I tested five days before my missed period and got a positive. It was a day after our eight year anniversary. :)

2. How did you feel? I felt stoked. We have been lucky to get pregnant right away both pregnancies. 

3. How old were you? I was 22. 

4. How did you tell your partner? I tested that morning before he went to work. I just showed him the test and we were thrilled but a little nervous to start again. 

5. Did you wait three months to tell people? Why/why not? We told our friends and family right away. We didn't 'announce' until I was 13 weeks. I didn't feel ready to talk about my miscarriage at the time because it was still pretty fresh. 

6. Is this your first? Second pregnancy. 

7. Do you want more? I have always pictured us with one child, a little girl. Since that's what our baby is it seems even more real now to just have one. We could always change our mind in the future but we really like the idea of giving all of our love/attention/money on one child. 

8. Your biggest craving? I have always been a foodie. When I first got pregnant I really wanted salty things like chips and sour candy ect. The past month or two I have been wanting chocolate. I have wanted Taco Bell burritos since I've been pregnant, so that's probably my biggest one. 

9. What's the best part of being pregnant? So far it has been seeing her at the ultrasounds and feeling her kick and punch me through out the day. I just recently have felt hiccups and I can't help but to smile every time! 

10. What's the worst part of being pregnant? For me I have had a very easy going pregnancy. The worst part is just worrying that something could happen again and getting paranoid if she doesn't move much, since she has been so active from the start. I love being pregnant but I'm also ready for her to be here in the world and I have more control over her well being. 

11. Will you find out the gender? What do you prefer? I found out the gender at 16 weeks because I couldn't wait until my anatomy scan at 21 weeks. Me and my husband both have always wanted a girl but would've been just as thrilled with a sweet little boy. :) 

12. Do you have names picked out and what are the stories behind them? Ever since we have been dating we always had a girl name picked out. The original name was 'Lynlie'. After we got married and started thinking about when to start we found the name 'Evelyn'. Which had my middle name, 'Lynn', and part of Steven's name. Growing up Steven's friends called him 'Stevie' and her nickname will be 'Evie'. :) It was perfect to us. Wouldn't change it for anyone. As for the middle name, we didn't really care too much as long as it flowed nicely from her first and last name. 

13. What's your birth plan? I get asked this from time to time and my plan is simple. Go to the hospital, get an epidural and do whatever it takes to get her safely into the world. I don't really mind it changing to whatever it has to be since I would do anything for her to be here. 

14. Will you breastfeed? Yes, even though I feel like I need to do some major researching before she gets here. I haven't done my homework on breastfeeding yet. 

15. Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mum? I'll be a stay at home mom. :) 

16. Will you make your own baby food? I love the idea of using real, natural ingredients, but we'll have to see. If I have the time and will power to do it, I'd love to. 

17. Do you have nursery ideas/themes? I love white nurseries. So far her room is all white with pops of pinks and pastels. 

Monday, August 8, 2016


I had started weekly journals with my first pregnancy but after the miscarriage I didn't want to start all the way over. Or read how excited I was at the time. Now I'm 26 weeks with my second pregnancy and feel better as I'm heading into the third trimester. So here's to starting over. Even if it's a little late. 

General update: Feeling happy and excited about everything. Working on her nursery these past few weeks makes me a bit emotional. I find myself walking into her room every day just to make sure it's all still there.

How far along?: 26 weeks 

Total weight gain: 17 lbs. I feel like ever since I hit the middle of my second trimester is when I started to noticeably gain.

How I'm feeling: I've been feeling great my whole pregnancy. This week is the same but I've been more tired and want to nap in the evenings. Yesterday I napped for two hours!

How I'm changing: I feel more motherly every day. I think about her all the time and wonder what else I can do to prepare for her arrival. I worked yesterday on lettering above her crib.

What I'm eating: Too much of everything. I love green apples with peanut butter. I'm still quite obsessed with Taco Bell's burritos. The fire hot sauce is LIFE. I sneak a few extra for when I make tacos at home.

Movement: This little girl has been active since about 16 weeks. I feel her every hour now when I'm awake and sometimes during the night after I had to get up and pee. She is such a kicker! I can tell she's getting stronger every week. 

Cravings: Anything chocolate. I know it's a common pregnancy symptom but it's insane how much I want to eat it! I try to have fruits instead and occasionally will splurge. I have been wanting chocolate covered donuts for months and have only gotten it once. I'm proud! But I'm also due to fill that craving again! 

Missing anything?: Being able to wear whatever I want. I have only bought one pair of maternity pants, one pair of shorts and two dresses. Just to get me by. I don't see the point in buying maternity clothes when it'll just be worn such a short time. I'm running out of tops that fit! Soon I feel like all I will be able to wear is Steven's tshirts and big loose dresses. 

Favorite moment: When Steven helped me put up the lettering above her crib. It still ended up crooked which we can't seem to fix and nothing looks completely straight in her room! Ah well. I don't think our little girl will even notice. ;)

Looking forward to: Our camping trip in two weeks. I'm hoping to take some maternity photos in the mountains. (As long as the forest fires calm down) And seeing my sweet angel in 3D/4D at the end of this month.