Sunday, May 24, 2015

Learning More About Photography♡

I just recently got one of my best friends to do a little modeling for me so I can play with my camera. I really don't like to say I'm a photographer at all. I just really like to take and edit pictures! I'm really thinking about focusing more time on it than ever before.

The only thing is that where we live in Idaho doesn't have too much scenery other than shrubs and dirt. You really have to drive at least an hour to get some good scenery, which sucks! Really wish I could take more pictures back in Texas where anywhere you decide to take pictures is always beautiful.

So. I dunno. I might not do any art work anymore but I find taking photos as a really nice creative outlet. I also get really inspired on pinterest when I see photographers work. Something I've always enjoyed? Yes. Now that I finally have a dslr, I feel like I can really start practicing. I've been loving manual mode! Also, if I take pictures of anymore models or things anytime soon it'll be on my Facebook Page I made. Give it a like if you want to see more!

Talk soon guys!

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