Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Movie Recommendations♡

Hello everybody! I don't know about you, but I love a good scary film. It's a tradition for me and Steven to stay up all night watching horror movies and passing out candy to kids! I thought I'd list a few movies in case you're on a hunt for a few recommendations for this Halloween. These are a few that's come out in the last year or so I recommend!

1. THE CONJURING - I really liked this one! It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but definitely kept you at the edge of your seat and I remember leaving the theater saying how much I enjoyed it!
2. MAMA - There's a few parts in this movie I still think about that give me a bit of the willies. We saw this in theaters with Steven's family and stayed up late that night trying to scare each other by just saying 'mama!'.
3. INSIDIOUS 2 - If you've seen the first one, definitely go check this one out. Personally, I prefer the first one and thought it was scarier! These always leave me with that 'odd' feeling once the movie is over.
4. THE PURGE ANARCHY - I love the whole plot around these movies. A lot of people were disappointed with the first movie, but I still enjoyed it as well as this one!
5. YOU'RE NEXT - These kind of suspenseful movies get me every time! Not too scary, but there's something about killers in masks that always tend to freak me out.
6. ANNABELLE - this movie will be in theaters this Halloween and we just watched it not long ago. It was thrilling, scary and all around a good little horror film!

What's your plans this Halloween and do you have any scary movies you plan on watching?
Until next time friends!


  1. I really loved Mama but a film that terrifies me is The Strangers. I'm branching into 'extreme' horror now like Martyrs which haunts me! Glad to find another horror fan. We're rare! :p

    Jenny of

    P.S. Your design is super cute.

    1. Oooh, The Strangers left me feeling weird for so long after watching it! I love getting a good scare though. :) Thanks, girl!! <3