Friday, October 10, 2014

Old Idaho State Penitentiary♡

This October we decided to do something different and a bit spooky, visit a haunted penitentiary! We went to Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise. Admission is cheap and the place has an amazingly creepy vibe. I was able to take some awesome pictures and can't believe how interesting this place was.

I showed pictures to my mom and she said, "Wow, if only walls could talk." Granted, the paint on most of the walls were peeling and there were sketched words and names in some of the cells. What if walls could talk? The prison dated back all the way back to 1872 through 1973 and hosted some of the world's most notorious criminals.

This little visit made me want to try and see other haunted or vacant places around the world. There's so many places that have a lot of history to them. I say, go visit somewhere old and read up the history. It's so interesting to see what years of vacantness turns into.

Until next time friends~!


  1. This absolutely amazing in a weird way. I love the photographs that you took!
    Best, Lou

    1. Oh, definitely! Really want to visit more haunted places. Thanks, Lou! :)