Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Hair!♡

I've been wanting to cut my hair short for over a year now. It's not that I didn't want to cut my hair short, it's because moving to a new state you get a little nervous in finding a new hairdresser! In the end, I'm glad I waited and was recommended someone to cut my hair. 

I found my hairdresser through a friend whose hair I also really liked. Don't be afraid to get recommendations, and make sure to check out what their hair looks like! Haha.

I feel a lot lighter and just... a lot more comfortable. Having long hair for a really long time gets tiresome. Whether it's from having to wait for it to dry, or just trying to decide what to do with it. (Just throw it up, who cares! Is what I normally did if I wasn't doing anything important.) There's something about short hair that makes me feel like I can spend more time styling it. There's also some really awesome short hair tutorials on YouTube! Going to enjoy looking for some new options again!

For the longest time I used to think I had to have long beautiful hair to feel beautiful. Have you noticed most of our society shows the most 'beautiful' people with long luscious hair? I think that's why it's good just to break away from that kind of thinking and enjoy being more than just your hair. That's how I feel every time I cut my hair short. Refreshing! Take that!

Anyways. Even though I'll miss my long curls, I'm going to enjoy my head feeling lighter and not having a lot of hair to hide behind. 

Embrace short hair. Purple hair. Whatever hair suits your fancy! 

Until next time beautiful people~

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