Monday, July 14, 2014

Photo Apps I Use ♡

I get a lot of complements on my photos on Instagram. (@torikkuma) A lot of the time people
ask me what kind of apps I use, so here ya go! Obviously, I really like editing my photos!
I think it's a lot of fun trying out different photo apps, but these are the ones I've decided to stick
with in the end. I won't go through every single app, just my personal favorites!

before                                           after

"Camera 360". I used this app A LOT before I found my new favorite when it comes to evening out your skin tone and making it look flawless. (Who doesn't love that?) There's a lot of filters to chose from also. This was one of my 'go to' apps when it comes to 'selfies'! 

before                                                        after

"Line Camera". Is an awesome editor but my favorite one to add stickers with! You can also buy more stickers at the shop but the app is free. I bought rilakkuma package of course. ;)

"VSCOcam". This app was recommended by my sister in law. Really love the filters they have preset for you to choose from! There's also other filters you can purchase if you end up loving the free ones!

"Afterlight". This app has amazing filters. A lot similar to VSCOcam but I really like how you can add the white borders with a photo and make it show the whole picture. Also love the different shapes you can put your picture in. Gives a nice variety! 

"Meitu". Is my favorite app EVER! Since I've found this, I don't use anything else for my selfies. (Most of the time anyways) Do you want your eyes to sparkle and your skin to look flawless? This is the app for you! Hands down!

That's all for this post. What's some of your favorite photo apps you use?
Love ya!!~♡

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