Saturday, September 13, 2014

Katy Perry Lashes♡

My friend gave me these lashes and I wore them for my birthday. I was super stoked to give them a try because I've seen a lot of people wear them and they always looked great!

They have a self applicator on the eyelashes already, so you don't need eyelash glue. Although I'd put some on if I wear them more than once and if I'm going out for a long time and need extra stability. These were in 'Darling' and were definitely darling! I love thick, long doll like eyelashes and these were perfect on.

Here's me wearing them!

It's funny because I even got told that I looked like Katy Perry in the first picture from a relative. I do have similar hair right now, don't I? Look how thick and nice these lashes look! Totally in love.

Gonna have to get more of these. Do you enjoy wearing false eyelashes?


  1. OMG! Them lashes are so pretty! You look gorg wearing them. I am a new reader/follower and I'm loving your blog. I hope you keep in touch.xoxo!

    Qing's Style

  2. They look gorgeous on you and so natural!! :)

    Layla xxx