Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding♡

Sometimes when the subject of how beautiful my wedding comes up, there's always that question of, "how much did you spend?" When I tell them I spent under $2,000, they tend to not believe me! So I'm gonna tell you some tips to cutback on all the expenses, but still leaving room to spend money on things you think are the most important on your special day.

First thing is, what's going to be your theme? Any theme can vary in expenses, but I had always wanted a vintage theme wedding since I was little. Pick a theme you can look back on in twenty years and still be satisfied with.


Wedding Venue. This will probably be one of your most important decisions for your whole wedding. Think, will it fit my theme? Will my guests enjoy it here? Is there enough room for my number of guests? I chose the Beaty Orton House in Jasper, TX. (Our hometown) It has a very vintage look to it, as well as in the interior. So I wouldn't have to put up too much decor. I wanted my ceremony outside in the backyard underneath the trees. I only spent about $250 on our venue because we only needed to rent out about six hours.

Guests. How many guests are you wanting to invite? This is the biggest thing that can be more costly. The more people you have attend, the more likely the cost will be for you. I just wanted a small group of people with close friends and family and preferred it that way, with the cost or not.

Wedding Invites. Here's another thing you can cut costs on. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can just make them yourself? I swear I must've only spent $20 on all of them. I chose to do postcards and found a free site here and used that exact one. When you do postcards you cut out the costs of envelopes as well as stamps. Just look for a free invite online that fits your theme and BAM! It's that easy! I couldn't have been happier with how ours turned out!

FREE is your best friend. Do you know how many free printables there are on the internet? A TON. I printed out and made my own fans for guests, ect! There's a lot of free ones here that I used myself.

The Dress. This was my biggest purchase for my whole wedding. I wanted to look/feel beautiful in a dress on my special day as well as have great pictures to look back on and who knows, what if I have a little girl one day who wants to try on her momma's wedding dress? I got my dress with my mom and had one of those mother/daughter moments in a wedding gown at David's Bridal. Can you believe it was the first dress I put on? As soon as I put it on, I knew it was the one. It was vintage looking, long train, lace and even had a keyhole back that I always pictured having. We both cried as soon as I walked out of that dressing room. It was everything and more!

The cakes. My pastor's wife made both of my cakes from scratch. Keeping in mind my theme. Helps knowing people! I got a big discount on both of my cakes, and they were extra special because she has been making my birthday cakes since I was young. So see if you know anyone who makes cakes and does a good job, you never know!

The help of friends and family. This is the most important thing I can tell you. Have friends/family bring food. Help with pouring drinks, ect. My dad set up and took down all of the chairs we used outside for the ceremony and he loved being able to help. My mom made sure to make some of her special foods. It all helps, little by little. I wouldn't have got to have the wedding of my dreams without the people who pitched in and helped.

Don't over stress. I see people all the time who plan a wedding for over a year. It's good to have enough time to get everything done but I did most of everything within the last month leading up to the wedding. Make check lists and reservations for chairs/tables and anything you know you can't get last minute.

Traditions. Will the groom's side pay for the dinner rehearsal? If so, let them! Don't be afraid to let the groom's side help out. They're just as important as the bride's side! It feels more special when both parties help with the wedding coming together. It's a good way for them to know each other more, and will be easier on your part.

Pictures. Let's be honest. Photographers are expensive. Especially for a wedding. I didn't have the funds so I just got my Aunt to take pictures as well as my sister-in-law. I have so many pictures since I did that, a lot more than I would've gotten with a photographer. I enjoy editing photos and didn't mind editing my wedding ones at all. Just make sure to step out during the after party and take some special ones with your groom. Like a normal photographer would. I treasure all my photos from my wedding!

Something might go wrong. No one's perfect, something might not turn exactly how you pictured it. I left my petticoat at home and had to have my dad make a quick run to my house to get it before the wedding started. The thing is to focus on what all the good things are happening, even the smallest good things will be precious. Your flower girl might be walking around during your ceremony, but looking adorable while doing it. Treasure everything because it'll go by so fast. Don't dwell on things you have no control over and enjoy y'all's day!

Well, there's some of my top tips and tricks about saving some money/time on a nice wedding. I think anything can be special and made into what you make it. We eloped right after Steven finished his basic training in San Antonio before we even had this wedding with our friends and family. Even though we had a lovely wedding with everyone, the most important thing is you and your future husband. What you both want with each other. I'll always cherish running off and getting married like we always said we would when I was fourteen.

Maybe one day I'll make a post on us eloping? Here's a little sneakpeak.

Until next time friends! Hoped this helped a little!


  1. Beautiful photos. Your wedding seemed like a dream. Great tips by the way.
    xx Lou

    1. Thank you so much, Lou! I always appreciate your comments. ^-^


  2. very cute :)

  3. These pictures are adorable! We're big DIYers and who doesn't love to save a buck where they can?!

    M + K

  4. Oh my these tips are so awesome, thanks for sharing! x

    Orange on orange