Friday, December 12, 2014

Life Lately♡

I haven't written a post about life lately so I thought I'd do a little Christmas edition. I've been getting ready for the holidays for a month now and I'm still just as excited! I've got our lights and decor up and am constantly burning Christmas candles. We also got our first snow for this year and I'm wondering if we'll have a white Christmas. Isn't that what everyone dreams for?

We won't be visiting our family this year for Christmas because the military has its own plans. So we're just going to make the best of it and hangout with the 'family' we've made up north. Steven and I have already opened all of our Christmas presents to each other since we see no since in waiting to open them with just the two of us. I've started making little Christmas treats to snack on and have eggnog in our fridge. I'm not a very good cook so our Christmas dinner plans are still up the air!

I've been posting a bit more since work has been kinda slow lately. My hours have been cut a bit and I've been lounging around at home watching movies all snug. It's getting colder outside here in Idaho so I'm sure we're getting another snow before we know it! What's everyone up to lately? Until next time!