Monday, August 8, 2016


I had started weekly journals with my first pregnancy but after the miscarriage I didn't want to start all the way over. Or read how excited I was at the time. Now I'm 26 weeks with my second pregnancy and feel better as I'm heading into the third trimester. So here's to starting over. Even if it's a little late. 

General update: Feeling happy and excited about everything. Working on her nursery these past few weeks makes me a bit emotional. I find myself walking into her room every day just to make sure it's all still there.

How far along?: 26 weeks 

Total weight gain: 17 lbs. I feel like ever since I hit the middle of my second trimester is when I started to noticeably gain.

How I'm feeling: I've been feeling great my whole pregnancy. This week is the same but I've been more tired and want to nap in the evenings. Yesterday I napped for two hours!

How I'm changing: I feel more motherly every day. I think about her all the time and wonder what else I can do to prepare for her arrival. I worked yesterday on lettering above her crib.

What I'm eating: Too much of everything. I love green apples with peanut butter. I'm still quite obsessed with Taco Bell's burritos. The fire hot sauce is LIFE. I sneak a few extra for when I make tacos at home.

Movement: This little girl has been active since about 16 weeks. I feel her every hour now when I'm awake and sometimes during the night after I had to get up and pee. She is such a kicker! I can tell she's getting stronger every week. 

Cravings: Anything chocolate. I know it's a common pregnancy symptom but it's insane how much I want to eat it! I try to have fruits instead and occasionally will splurge. I have been wanting chocolate covered donuts for months and have only gotten it once. I'm proud! But I'm also due to fill that craving again! 

Missing anything?: Being able to wear whatever I want. I have only bought one pair of maternity pants, one pair of shorts and two dresses. Just to get me by. I don't see the point in buying maternity clothes when it'll just be worn such a short time. I'm running out of tops that fit! Soon I feel like all I will be able to wear is Steven's tshirts and big loose dresses. 

Favorite moment: When Steven helped me put up the lettering above her crib. It still ended up crooked which we can't seem to fix and nothing looks completely straight in her room! Ah well. I don't think our little girl will even notice. ;)

Looking forward to: Our camping trip in two weeks. I'm hoping to take some maternity photos in the mountains. (As long as the forest fires calm down) And seeing my sweet angel in 3D/4D at the end of this month. 

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