Monday, August 22, 2016


General update: Celebrated my birthday in Boise this weekend and saw Evelyn in 3D/4D. It was the coolest experiance. I think she looks a lot like Steven but Steven thinks she looks a lot like me, lol. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. This coming weekend we plan to go camping. With the smoke from the fires and Steven's job, we decided to wait a week to camp.

How far along?: 28 weeks.

Total weight gain: 21 lbs. It's really weird to get on the scale and see such a high number. I have never weighed more than about 118 lbs my whole life and for it to get into the 130s is scary, but I know I'm going at a healthy rate and people still consider me 'small' for my size.

How I'm feeling: The tiredness and exhaustion hasn't changed. I've been having hot flashes at night, as well as acid reflux and having to pee every hour or two. Makes for an interesting night. I feel bad for waking Steven up when I know he has work the next day.

How I'm changing: I think now that I'm in the third trimester, I know that she'll be here so soon. Seeing her in 3D made it a lot more real to me too. Can't believe in less than three months or so I'll have my very own little human.

What I'm eating: This was a bad week healthy wise. I got chocolate donuts for the weekend as well as just junking around in between meals. Some healthy and some not so healthy. Hopefully this week I can change that!

Movement: She's gets hiccups at least once a day and is a little kicker like always. She was so calm when we went and got a 3D ultrasound and looked so sleepy and relaxed. 

Cravings: Give me all da chocolate. Also, lemonade always sounds like a good idea.

Missing anything?: I tried on a dress at Rue 21 this week because I thought it was a nice maxi to take some maternity photos in. I got a size medium because I'm usually a small. I couldn't get it past these giant boobs! It was so tight and all though I loooove this belly, it's hard to have your body change so much. Pregnancy is weird. 

Favorite moment: Seeing our sweet girl in 3D. :)

Looking forward to: Our camping trip this weekend. I will at least make sure to take some maternity photos!

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