Thursday, August 11, 2016


1. How and when did you find out you were pregnant? I wanted to test early because I was so ready to be pregnant again, that I tested five days before my missed period and got a positive. It was a day after our eight year anniversary. :)

2. How did you feel? I felt stoked. We have been lucky to get pregnant right away both pregnancies. 

3. How old were you? I was 22. 

4. How did you tell your partner? I tested that morning before he went to work. I just showed him the test and we were thrilled but a little nervous to start again. 

5. Did you wait three months to tell people? Why/why not? We told our friends and family right away. We didn't 'announce' until I was 13 weeks. I didn't feel ready to talk about my miscarriage at the time because it was still pretty fresh. 

6. Is this your first? Second pregnancy. 

7. Do you want more? I have always pictured us with one child, a little girl. Since that's what our baby is it seems even more real now to just have one. We could always change our mind in the future but we really like the idea of giving all of our love/attention/money on one child. 

8. Your biggest craving? I have always been a foodie. When I first got pregnant I really wanted salty things like chips and sour candy ect. The past month or two I have been wanting chocolate. I have wanted Taco Bell burritos since I've been pregnant, so that's probably my biggest one. 

9. What's the best part of being pregnant? So far it has been seeing her at the ultrasounds and feeling her kick and punch me through out the day. I just recently have felt hiccups and I can't help but to smile every time! 

10. What's the worst part of being pregnant? For me I have had a very easy going pregnancy. The worst part is just worrying that something could happen again and getting paranoid if she doesn't move much, since she has been so active from the start. I love being pregnant but I'm also ready for her to be here in the world and I have more control over her well being. 

11. Will you find out the gender? What do you prefer? I found out the gender at 16 weeks because I couldn't wait until my anatomy scan at 21 weeks. Me and my husband both have always wanted a girl but would've been just as thrilled with a sweet little boy. :) 

12. Do you have names picked out and what are the stories behind them? Ever since we have been dating we always had a girl name picked out. The original name was 'Lynlie'. After we got married and started thinking about when to start we found the name 'Evelyn'. Which had my middle name, 'Lynn', and part of Steven's name. Growing up Steven's friends called him 'Stevie' and her nickname will be 'Evie'. :) It was perfect to us. Wouldn't change it for anyone. As for the middle name, we didn't really care too much as long as it flowed nicely from her first and last name. 

13. What's your birth plan? I get asked this from time to time and my plan is simple. Go to the hospital, get an epidural and do whatever it takes to get her safely into the world. I don't really mind it changing to whatever it has to be since I would do anything for her to be here. 

14. Will you breastfeed? Yes, even though I feel like I need to do some major researching before she gets here. I haven't done my homework on breastfeeding yet. 

15. Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mum? I'll be a stay at home mom. :) 

16. Will you make your own baby food? I love the idea of using real, natural ingredients, but we'll have to see. If I have the time and will power to do it, I'd love to. 

17. Do you have nursery ideas/themes? I love white nurseries. So far her room is all white with pops of pinks and pastels. 

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