Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Makeup Haul (Eyebrows)♡

So I ordered some stuff online recently, so I thought I'd do a little haul! They are Asian beauty products and I was excited to give them a try. :)

First I'll start with Holika Holika's Wonder Drawing 24hr Eyebrow Pencil.
I got it in Light Brown!

My favorite thing about this brow pencil is the flat, angled shape of the applicator. It makes it so much easier to fill in your brows with little strokes at a time and make it seem more natural looking.
The spoolie is very soft. So depending on your preference, is whether you'll like it or not. Personally, I prefer harder spoolies for better blending!

My eyebrows are normally thick and pitch black, but with my lighter hair I've been needing to lighten up my eyebrows. I thought this did a very good job at that!

My next product is Color My Brows by Etude House.
I have it in #02 Light Brown.

The applicator is small and easy to apply to your eyebrows. Up close, it didn't look like much has changed, but you can tell from farther away that your hair has lightened a bit. (If you chose a lighter color than your actual eyebrows) Not only does it lighten it more but it also sets your eyebrows to last longer!

The rest are just samples I got from Etude House. Excited to try these out soon, but I normally save my samples for special occasions or one of my very important 'spa days'!

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe can try out some of these products yourself!
Eyebrows are my #1 MUST when I do my makeup, what's yours?
Thanks for reading!~ Love ya~

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