Thursday, August 21, 2014

How I Cut My Bangs♡

Bangs are a fast an easy way to change up your look. I always find myself coming back to cutting my bangs after letting them grow out. I always feel plain without them! I think they tend to fit my personality, making me look and feel a lot cuter! Not to mention hair always grows out. So don't be afraid to do something drastic and fun!

Before I ever started cutting my bangs myself, I did a lot of research. Don't just take some scissors and start chopping, please! Go online, look at instructions and watch videos until you're confident enough to start cutting your bangs yourself. My bangs grow out fast and I just think it's easier to cut them at home rather than keep going to the salon and spending a lot of money.

Not going to tell you I cut my bangs perfectly every time. Especially starting off! It takes practice and I've been cutting my bangs for years now. So after you've researched and watched enough youtube videos about cutting hair, and you feel like you can make it a profession, you're ready!

Get correct scissors. I made this mistake a lot when I first started cutting my bangs. I used my mom's kitchen scissors. *cringe* Go to Sally's or somewhere with real hair cutting scissors and buy them. They're not that expensive and trust me, it's worth it!

Cut on dry hair. I know, more damaging but trust me! If you're cutting your bangs and keeping them the right length, there shouldn't be too much time for that many split ends. Having your hair wet, shrinks your hair. So you might cut off too much. Keep your hair dry and there's no guessing games!

Section your bangs. The triangle section has always worked best for me. You can make it larger or smaller, depending on how thick you want your bangs. I start the highest point on the slant that starts to go downward. It's recommended you never go higher than that slant! I like to line up my bottom two sides with my eyebrow arches. Twist your section and make sure it's all even and tie the rest of your hair up!

Cut a tiny bit at a time. When I say tiny, I mean you cutting your bangs is gonna take some time. You don't want to rush and cut too much off! Take your sweet precious time. You can always cut a little more, but you can't grow your hair nearly as fast!

Reach desired length. I like to cut my bangs a tad bit above my eyes. If you're going to wear a side swept bang, you'll want to keep your bangs longer. So when you push them to the side, they aren't extra short. Cut your bangs with your scissors vertical. You don't want a straight line or something that looks choppy.

Section your new bangs horizontally. Now cut each horizontal section, using the vertical cutting technique. (So much horizontal and vertical words) This will make sure that your bangs get some texture and won't look as straight. I make sure to do this every time I cut my bangs and it makes such a huge difference!

Comb and make sure everything is even. Check to see if both sides are even and nothing is sticking out where it's not supposed to! I take this time to take a few more snips here and there and get everything perfect.

Admire your work. You're done! Congrats on your hard work! Hope it turned out like you planned!

Had fun doing this! ^.^
Until next time friends!~


  1. I like to cut my bangs as well. All it takes is a short amount of research & then you can save yourself time, money, & energy! :] // ☼

    1. Definitely! It's easy once you get the hang of it. :)