Monday, August 25, 2014

Things I Wish I Knew In High School♡

Angie N Photography

Yes, that's one of my Senior pictures. Crazy how it only seems like yesterday I was throwing on my school uniform, taking care of my poorly done makeup and thinking how hard life was. Not gonna lie, I was a very lazy student. Even though I took AP courses, I managed to fill my school day with texting, dozing off during lectures and reading library books for my own leisure. So what would I tell my high school self?

• Raccoon eyeliner is not every day makeup. (I figured out senior year, less is more... finally)
• Most of your 'friends' there are temporary. We really do move off and never see each other.
• Don't sleep in school. Maybe you shouldn't have stayed up so late playing videogames.
• Grades actually do count. Remember that expensive college you pictured yourself going to?
• Enjoy your time with your mom. Once you graduate you won't get to see her very much.
• One day you will actually marry your boyfriend since 8th grade. Crazy right?
• All the drama that happens doesn't even amount to anything.
• Please fill in your eyebrows. You'd be x10 prettier.
• You're a pretty rad chick. Don't be afraid to talk and not be so shy.
• You'll make mistakes, but a few years from now you'll be a better person for them.
• Hang in there. It goes by fast, so enjoy it. Trust me.

What's something you'd tell yourself during high school?


  1. I'd tell myself most of the ones you listed, as well as chill out & don't be so boy-crazy! (I need to tell myself those now...hahaha)

    1. Bahaha! Same here! I miss high school at times!